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Multimedia – A week in Germany – 9/11/2011


This week I mostly been listening to…….Radiohead, Tool


[Machete – DVD] – A Blood thirsty grindhouse extravaganza. A Mexploitation movie? I really enjoyed this and laughed harder at this movie than I have done in a long time. The hospital scene was a complete scream.

[Ipcress file – DVD] – This is a classic British Spy movie starring a young Michael Cain as a renegade British agent with a penchant for the ladies. Now Listen to me. Great Movie.

[Dr Who Series 3 – Episode 1 “The Runaway Bride” – DVD] – 25 December 2006 – A bride (Catherine Tate) suddenly materializes in the Tardis. The Doctor must get her to the church on time, but the Empress of Racnoss (Sarah Parish), an alien spider, has other ideas. Great episode.

[Dr Who Series 3 – Episode 2 “Smith and Jones” – DVD] – 31 March 2007 – The Doctor meets his latest companion, Martha Jones, in a hospital that’s abducted by the Judoon who are searching for the evil, blood-sucking Florence Finnegan (Anne Reid).  This was another great episode.

[Dr Who Series 3 – Episode 3 “The Shakespeare Code” – DVD] – 7 April – 2007 – The Doctor takes Martha back in time to Elizabethan England where they meet William Shakespeare (Dean Lennox Kelly) and try to solve what sent the architect of the Globe Theatre mad.

[Dr Who Series 3 – Episode 4  “Gridlock” – DVD] – The Doctor and Martha return to New Earth to find it has been laid out as a horrendous trap, stuck in a giant and long traffic jam under the streets of New New York. This is a storming episode with a heavy feel of 2000AD future shocks to it.

This series of Blackadder is set in the trenches of world war one and is my favorite of them all.

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 1 “Captain Cook” – DVD] – 28 September – 1989 – When Field Marshal Haig unveils his new strategy to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin, Blackadder volunteers to be an Official War Artist, not realising that a commission to paint a cover for thoroughly absorbent propaganda magazine King and Country is just a ruse for a highly-dangerous secret mission. Can Baldrick’s plan to become Melchett’s chef save him, and how much custard can one cat produce?

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 2 “Corporal Punishment” – DVD] – 5 October 1989 – Despite problems with communications, orders for another mission arrive and Blackadder breaches regulations by eating the messenger. With George as his lawyer in a court martial, and with only one night to live, can the Flanders pigeon murderer avoid death by firing squad using Baldrick’s smuggled escape kit? Guest starring Jeremy Hardy as Corporal Perkins and Stephen Frost as Corporal Jones.

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 3 “Major Star” – DVD] – 12 October 1989 – With everyone talking about the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin, Blackadder volunteers to organise a variety show in the hope that it will be shifted to the London Palladium. Unfortunately, Melchett has fallen in love with his leading lady, the fair Georgina (George dressed as a woman). Guest starring Gabrielle Glaister as Private “Bob” Parkhurst.

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 4 “Private Plane” – DVD] – 19 October – 1989 – Despite Blackadder’s loathing of the arrogant flying ace Lord Flashheart, Blackadder, Baldrick and George volunteer to join the Royal Flying Corps unaware that their nickname the “Twenty Minuters” refers to their average life expectancy. After Blackadder and Baldrick crash their plane behind enemy lines, they are captured by the Germans (including a rather camp Baron von Richthofen) and must prepare for a fate worse than death. Guest starring Rik Mayall as Lord Flashheart and Adrian Edmondson as Baron von Richthofen.

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 5 “General Hospital” – DVD] – 26 October – 1989 – A game of “I Spy” goes terribly wrong when a bomb strikes Blackadder’s bunker and injures George, leaving him in the care of the kindly Nurse Mary at the field hospital. After Melchett and Darling inform Blackadder that there is a German spy in the hospital giving away their battle plans, Blackadder and Darling are sent undercover. Guest starring Miranda Richardson as Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown and Bill Wallis as Sir Bernard Proudfoot-Smith.

[Blackadder Goes Forth Episode 6 “Goodbyeee” – DVD] – 2 November 1989 – Millions have died but the troops have advanced no further than “an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping”. Now, at last, the ‘final’ big push looms, and Edmund is willing to try anything to avoid it. Will putting a pair of underpants on his head and shoving two pencils up his nose get Edmund invalided back to Blighty? Guest starring Geoffrey Palmer as Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig.

[Red Dwarf Series 6  Episode 1 “Psirens” – DVD] – 7 October 1993 – Two hundred years after investigating the SSS Esperanto, the crew awake from suspended animation aboard Starbug with amnesia, and find that their mothership Red Dwarf is missing. Chasing a faint vapour trail which may lead to their mothership, the crew travel through an asteroid field containing lost and crashed spaceships. The asteroid field is inhabited by “psirens”, genetically engineered creatures that telepathically lure the ship’s crew onto the asteroids so that they can suck out their brains.

[Red Dwarf Series 6 Episode 2 “Legion” – DVD] – 14 October 1993 – Chasing the vapour trail of Red Dwarf into a gas nebula, Starbug is taken over by a tractor beam which takes it to a space station. There the crew discover Legion, a highly intelligent, sophisticated and cultured lifeform conceived out of an experiment by a group of famous scientists. It is Legion who gives Rimmer a new hardlight holo-projection unit, enabling him to become a normal human, able to touch, feel, eat, and experience pain. He also becomes virtually indestructible. They learn that Legion is composed from the minds of each member of the crew, combined and magnified, and as such they are sustaining his very existence with their presence. Legion will not allow them to leave and continue the search for Red Dwarf…

[Red Dwarf Series 6 Episode 3 “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” – DVD] – 21 October 1993 – Starbug narrowly wins a battle with “rogue simulants”. However the “simulants” have infected Starbug with a computer virus and the ship is locked on a collision course with a volcanic planet. Kryten attempts to fight the virus, with the battle taking the form of an old wild west movie in his digital mind. The virus overtakes him, so Lister, Cat and Rimmer enter Kryten’s wild-west dream using an artificial reality video game in attempt to help Kryten come up with an antidote.

[Red Dwarf Series 6 Episode 4 “Emohawk: Polymorph II” – DVD] – 28 October 1993 – Starbug is attacked by an advanced Space Corp enforcement probe, for looting from derelict ships. The crew manage to escape by entering GELF space but Starbug crashes on a moon. Lister must marry the GELF chieftain’s daughter in exchange for an oxygen breathing unit. The crew escape with the engine part during Lister’s honeymoon, but the GELF chieftain sends his pet, a polymorph, after them to retrieve his new son-in-law. The Emohawk managed to changed Rimmer into Ace Rimmer and Cat into Dwayne Dibbly.

[Red Dwarf Series 6 Episode 5 “Rimmerworld” – DVD] – 4 November 1993 – The crew return to the wreck of the simulants’ battleship to salvage for food supplies but are confronted by a surviving simulant who threatens to kill herself and the crew. Rimmer, who has been diagnosed with a tense nervous disorder, escapes in a pod which has no steering, and is whisked away through a time-hole and crashes on a planet. The crew follow Rimmer through the time-hole, but due to its effects arrive at the planet 600 years after Rimmer arrived, only to find the planet is populated with thousands of Rimmer clones.

[Red Dwarf Series 6 Episode 6 “Out of Time” – DVD] – 11 November 1993 – Starbug enters an artificial fog containing devices that create false realities. Persevering through it, the crew find what it is hiding – a time machine. Shortly after, they meet their future selves, from fifteen years later. The crew learn that their future selves are incredibly corrupt and amoral through abuse of the time drive, to experience the “very best” of history. In the end, the two Starbug crafts engage in a space battle to end all space battles.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 1 “Tikka to Ride” – DVD] – 17 January 1997 – The crew find themselves resurrected due to the time paradox resulting from the battle with their future selves. The time paradox also results in a greatly upgraded and much larger Starbug. However, the curry supplies have gone missing, and so Lister devises a sneaky plan which involves swapping Kryten’s head, once again utilising the time machine, and which ultimately results in the crew getting mixed up in the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 2 “Stoke Me a Clipper” – DVD] – January 1997

– Daredevil pilot Ace Rimmer, fatally wounded after rescuing Princess Bonjella, travels from his own dimension into the dimension where Starbug is cruising. His intention is to try and bring out courage in the cowardly version of himself aboard Starbug, and then recruit Arnold Rimmer as his replacement, so that after his death another Rimmer will carry on the legacy of the interstellar space hero.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 3 “Ouroboros” – DVD] – 31 January 1997 – Lister, Cat and Kryten stumble upon a tear in the fabric of space that leads to another dimension. There they meet a parallel version of Lister’s old girlfriend, Kristine Kochanski, who becomes stranded on Starbug. Meanwhile Lister discovers the truth about himself and who his parents were.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 4 “Duct Soup” – DVD] – 7 February 1997 – Kryten gets fussy and jealous thinking that Lister likes Kochanski better than him. When the primary power goes off and they get stuck in a room, they have no choice but to climb into the small ventilation ducts which wind round Starbug in order to escape. Whilst inside the ducts they discover a lot about each other, including the fact Lister is claustrophobic.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 5 – “Blue” – DVD] – 14 February 1997 – Starbug is travelling through a rather uninteresting region of space and the crew are bored and begin to nitpick at petty areas of their lives. Meanwhile Lister finds, much to his own surprise and disgust, that he is missing Rimmer, and even having romantic dreams about him returning. Kryten’s solution is to take him on a ride called “The Rimmer Experience,” which recounts outrageously fictionalised events from Rimmer’s diaries.

[[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 6 – “Beyond a Joke” – DVD] – 21 February – 1997 – Searching for a new head for Kryten, which exploded due to build-up of negative thought after an incident involving ketchup added to lobster, the crew encounter a rogue simulant on a deserted ship. The simulant kidnaps Kryten and commissions one of his own droids, Able, to fix him up. But Kryten and Able discover they’re brothers, the same model, and Able helps Kryten escape. Kryten then discovers from Able a disturbing secret about their creator.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 7 “Epideme” – DVD] – 28 February 1997 – The crew come across a frozen supply ship, the Leviathan, with one survivor: Caroline Carmen, one of Lister’s former crushes. She revives in the middle of the night, as a zombie; she has been dead for a long time, and infects Lister with the dreaded Epideme virus. Lister tries talking with the virus directly through a communication link (Epideme is a sentient, self-aware organism) but Epideme refuses to let Lister live. Drastic action must be taken if Lister is to survive.

[Red Dwarf Series 7 Episode 8 “Nanarchy” – DVD] – 7 March 1997 – Lister tries to cope with the loss of his arm. Meanwhile Kryten searches for his nanobots – incredibly advanced microscopic robots, which can alter forms of matter at the sub-atomic level – so that he can rebuild Lister’s arm. Kryten finds the nanobots in Lister’s laundry basket, and also discovers that it was the nanobots who stole the mothership Red Dwarf in the first instance. Kryten gets the nanobots to rebuild both Red Dwarf and Lister’s arm. Red Dwarf makes an appearance, but with one problem – its size.

[Torchwood Season 1, Episode 1, “Everything Changes” – DVD] – 22 October 2006 – Police Constable Gwen Cooper comes across the mysterious organization known as Torchwood. While investigating their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined.

[Torchwood Season 1, Episode  2, “Day One” – DVD] – 22 October 2006 – Torchwood must stop a sex addicted alien as it leaves a trail of gruesome deaths in its wake.

[Torchwood Season 1, Episode  3, “Ghost Machine” – DVD] – 29 October 2006 – After Gwen Cooper recovers an alien device from Sean Harris, the device seemingly takes her back in time to the 1940s where she sees a young boy, alone on a railway platform. Soon after, Owen has a similar experience only this time he is under a bridge in the early 1960s where a young woman is raped and murdered. They trace both the boy and the murderer and learn that the boy was well taken care of. As for the murderer, the case remains unsolved, something that outrages Owen.

[Torchwood Season 1, Episode  4, “Cyberwoman” – DVD] – 5 November 2006 – There’s a dark secret in the basement of the Hub. Even Jack is unaware of it, but Ianto knows. And he’ll go to any lengths, sacrifice anything and anyone, to protect what’s down there.


[Beseigment – iPAD] – Really good tower defense game that has simple sound and graphics but insane replayability.

[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – Excellent tower defense game with the best graphics and sound.

[Borderlands – XBOX 360] – A RPG first person shooter set on a sort of a futuristic Mad Max planet. Great Graphics, great controls, fantastic array of weaponry and a huge landscape. I simply cant stop playing this game it is so much fun.

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Multimedia Week ending 9/3/2011


This week I mostly been listening to…..Roy harper, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pain of Salvation


[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-06 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for June 2011.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-06 Comics] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 comic books for June 2011.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #208: 2011-08-03] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss FLASHPOINT: BATMAN KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #3 by DC, PUNISHER #1 by Marvel and INFINITE #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight #046: 2011-08] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the August 2011 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #046a: 2011-08] – In the first of two August Previews Spotlight Interviews episodes, Bob talks to Josh Fialkov, writer of Last of the Greats, Pilot Season: Test (from Image) and I, Vampire (from DC); Tim Seeley, writer of Witchblade and Hack/Slash (from Image); and Amber Love talks to Dirk Manning, writer of Nightmare World, Vol. 3: Demon Days TP (from Image).

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #209: 2011-08-10] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss THUNDER AGENTS #10 by DC, SPIDER-ISLAND: CLOAK AND DAGGER #1 by Marvel and CRITTER #1 by BIG DOG INK.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-07 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for July 2011.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #210: 2011-08-17]- John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 by DC, X-MEN: SCHISM #3 by Marvel and ONE #5 by GG STUDIO.]

[Ricky Gervais show Season 2] – A masterpiece of comedy starring Karl Pilkington and co-starring Ricky Gervais and Steve Marchant.

DVD/ BluRay:

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 1 -“Holoship” – DVD] – 20 February 1992 – Rimmer is abducted for the purposes of study by holograms with super intelligence, away to a space vessel which is itself hologrammatic, where Rimmer has a physical presence and where sex is duty rather than pleasure. Rimmer applies to join the crew, feeling that this is his chance of becoming an officer and getting a life. To do this he must pass an exam against a fellow hologram. The situation is complicated when he discovers his opponent in the test is Nirvanah Crane (Jane Horrocks), a female hologram commander he seems to be falling in love with.

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 2 – “The Inquisitor” – DVD] – 27 February 1992 – The Inquisitor is a time-travelling android who acts as judge, jury and executioner to those who have led worthless lives, and thus erases them from history. The Red Dwarf crew are next to appear before this judge to justify their existence. It does not look good for our crew of slobs, failures and misfits.

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 3 – “Terrorform” – DVD] – 5 March 1992 – Kryten and Rimmer crash land on a “psi-moon”, an artificial planetoid which terraforms itself to match the inner psyche and subconscious of anyone who lands on it. Kryten is cut in half in the crash, and Rimmer finds himself alone and taken prisoner by manifestations of his own inner demons. Lister, Cat and Holly arrive to rescue them, but find themselves trapped in an environment shaped by Rimmer’s bizarre, self-loathing mind.

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 4 – “Quarantine” – DVD] – 12 March 1992 – After investigating an abandoned biological research complex on an ice planet, Lister, Cat and Kryten return to Red Dwarf only to find Rimmer has taken over the ship. While Rimmer orders them into quarantine for three months, he himself is slowly taken over by an electronic holo-virus that corrupts his hologrammatic form, giving him telekinetic powers, hex vision, and many other powers and turning him completely insane.

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 5 – “Demons and Angels” – DVD] – 19 March 1992 – An experiment with a machine – a Triplicator – that can make duplicates of an object goes wrong causing Red Dwarf to explode. The crew escape aboard Starbug but find that the Triplicator has made two copies of Red Dwarf in place of the original. One of these copies has extracted the “good” qualities of the former vessel, and the other has extracted the “bad” qualities. The crew board one, first meeting angelic versions of themselves, then to the other, meeting demonic versions of themselves.

[Red Dwarf Series 5 –  Episode 5 – “Back to Reality” – DVD] – 26 March 1992 – The crew take Starbug down into the watery depths of an ocean planet to investigate the wreck of the SSS Esperanto. They find that the ship’s crew have committed suicide, then escape to try and avoid attack from a sea monster, the “Despair Squid”. The crew suddenly wake up to find they are not who they think they are, Red Dwarf and Starbug did not exist, and they have in fact been playing a virtual reality computer game for four years.

[Lock Stock and Four Stolen Hooves (pilot episode) – DVD] – 29 May 2000 – A feature length pilot episode based on the idea of the movie. This was an excellent pilot that the rest of the series struggled to live up to.

[Lock Stock and Two Hundred Smoking Kalashnikovs – DVD] – 6 June 2000 – This second episode follows on from the pilot movie with a lot of the same characters and over the top violence. Pretty funny.

[Lock Stock and a Fist Full of Jack and Jills – DVD] – 13 June 2000 – The third episode is also pretty good featuring porn as its central theme.

[Lock Stock and Spaghetti Sauce – DVD] – 20 June 2000 – A very violent fourth episode of this mad TV black comedy.


[Beseigment – iPAD] – Really good tower defense game that has simple sound and graphics but insane replay ability.

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Multimedia Week Ending 8/21/2011


Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pallas, Thin Lizzy, Pet Shop Boys, Tool, Roy Harper, Pallas


[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-06 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for June 2011.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 18 – Outside the Box] – In this episode we discuss the collapse of the HTC Highroad team.  We also talk about Thor Hushovd’s move to BMC and the fallout between Thor and Jonathan Vaughters.  We also bring you news of the Olympic Road Race test event held in London. After a brief hiatus, we bring back our mountain biking segment, bringing the season up to date and discussing the Olympic test event at Hadleigh Farm.  Footage of both the men’s and women’s events can be found at We announce the winner of our Facebook competition and generally struggle with pronunciation, memory and facts!

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 4 – “White Hole” – DVD] – 7 March 1991 – Holly has her intelligence briefly restored to an I.Q. of 12,368, but a side effect of this is that her run-time is reduced to minutes. Holly promptly switches herself off, leaving Red Dwarf with no lighting or manoeuvring capability. It’s back to basics for the crew and they must resort to their own resourcefulness to survive.

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 5 – “Dimension Jump” – DVD] – 14 March 1991 The crew meet a parallel dimension version of Rimmer. Arnold “Ace” Rimmer is a dashing daredevil test pilot for the space corps, and he has been assigned to test-pilot a ship that can travel through dimensions, so he can meet different versions of himself. He enters our dimension to meet our Rimmer, the weaselly cowardly version, who has gone on a fishing holiday with the rest of the crew.

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 6 – “Meltdown” – DVD] – 21 March 1991 – Kryten uses a prototype “matter paddle” to teleport the crew to a nearby planet with an S3 (or Earth-like) atmosphere. They discover the planet has been visited by humans years previously, who populated the planet with “wax droids” – animated wax works of famous characters from Earth’s history including Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Gandhi, Winnie the Pooh, Mother Teresa and Elvis Presley.

[Death At A Funeral – DVD] – A pretty funny dark comedy.

[Legends of Rock  – Roy Harper] – This is an excellent intimate Roy Harper with great sound and picture quality. Even though Roy is over 70 he still can crack out a great tune. He certainly doesn’t seem to be as sharp or coherent in the between song chatting but this is still a must buy for Roy fans.


[Besiegement – IPAD/ Iphone] – My new latest favorite tower defense game. Not as polished as fieldrunners but just as addictive. Fiendishly difficult on higher levels. Excellent !!!!

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Multimedia Week Ending 8/7/2011

This week I mostly Been Listening to……..Riverside, Cloud Cult, Genesis, Anethema, Tool, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd


[The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 33] – Welcome to the 33rd Roy Harper podcast. This episode we have news, an archive interview with Roy, and plenty of music including tracks from the ITV Legends DVD

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 21: Baby, It’s Mewes] – It’s not the way Mewes smiles that touched my heart. It’s not the way Mewes kissed that tears me apart.

[Hollywood Babble-On 27] – Kevin’s away again, but Ralph babbles on with his old roommate, Adam Carolla. Not as funny as usual.

[Hollywood Babble-On 28] – Ralph and Kevin reunite and ponder Liam Neeson’s giant hog.

[Hollywood Babble-On 29] – Ralph is joined by comedian Bill Burr. Not as funny as when Kev is there.

[Hollywood Babble-On 30] – To Kevin’s horror, Ralph get sexy and spooky. Kev is Back !!!

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #043: 2011-05] – Bob talks to David Baxter, writer of Marksman (from Benaroya/Image); David Wohl, writer of Executive Assistant Iris (from Aspen) and co-plotter of the Aspen Crossover “The Hit List Agenda”; Tom Hutchinson, writer & creator of Critter (from Big Dog Ink); and Chris Roberson, writer of Elric: The Balance Lost & Stan Lee’s Starborn (from Boom!) iZombie & the Cinderella minis (from Vertigo) and co-writer on Superman (from DC)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #044a: 2011-06] – In the first of two Previews Spotlight Interviews episodes for June 2011, Bob talks to Sam Sarkar, writer of The Vault (from Image); Amber Love talks to Kody Chamberlain, writer/artist of Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Saga (from Image); and Bob talks to Paul Salamoff, writer of the Discord OGN (from AAM Markosia)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #044b: 2011-06] – In the second of two Previews Spotlight Interviews episodes for June 2011, Bob talks to Mark Roslan, writer of Broken Pieces (from Aspen Comics); Bob and Damian Smith talk to Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser creators/writers/artists of The Living Corpse: Exhumed (from Dynamite); and Bob talks to Mark Ellis, writer of The Justice Machine (from Moonstone)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #045: 2011-07] –  Bob talks to Jay Faerber, writer of Near Death (from Image), Kevin Mellon, artist on the Lovestruck OGN (from Image), Gary Phillips, write of the crime series about money laundering “The Rinse” (from Boom! Studios), and Brendan Deenanm co-President of Ardden Entertainment & writer of Flash Gordon: Vengeance of Ming.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #205: 2011-07-13] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss GREEN LANTERN #67 by DC, ALL WINNERS SQUAD BAND OF HEROES #2 by Marvel and EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ORCHID #1 by ASPEN.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #206: 2011-07-20] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER #6 by DC, DAREDEVIL #1 by Marvel and MARKSMEN #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

[ECBT2000AD ep55] – With Flint still AWOL Rich is joined by Kehaar of the Dissecting Worlds podcast to discuss progs 1731-33 and midget boobs.

[ECBT2000AD Ep56] – With Flint still M-I-A and Richard getting sick of the sound of his own voice we’ve drafted in Iz from the Megacast and Lizzie Boyle aka Lady Festina from the 2000AD boards to look at progs 1734 & 5.

[Music – The Interface – Manchestra Orchestra] – The grizzled, Atlanta-based rockers turn in a brooding set in our Los Angeles studio. I really enjoyed this session.

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 22: Baby I’m A Want Mewes] – Baby I’m a need Mewes.


[Grange Hill Series 1 – Episodes 1 to 4 – DVD] – Very dated but I enjoyed it.

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 1 – DVD] – Reggie decides against his pseudocide, and instead decides the best thing to do would be to quit his job and pursue a more fulfilling career. Meanwhile, Nicola loses her job as a teacher after pulling down a boy’s trousers. Groomtech is in serious trouble without Reggie. 14 October 2010. I enjoyed this season.

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 2 – DVD] – Reggie struggles to find a new career, and tries running a stalls at the farmers market selling home made bread, however with finances tight, Reggie is forced to return to Groomtech. 21 October 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 3 – DVD] – Determining “not to lose touch with reality”, Reggie makes sweeping changes, banning ties and introducing the wearing of slippers, a tea-lady and a bouncy castle to bounce ideas around in. He also gives strangers lifts in his company car. When the boss expresses disapproval Reggie changes the firm’s name to Grot and announces that it will make only useless things. Nicola, now sacked, is bored at home, spending her time mending basket chairs, whilst her father tells Reggie he has cold feet about marrying his mother. 28 October 201

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 4 – DVD] – The staff express doubts as to the viability of Reggie selling his ‘Grot’ products-and indeed as to his sanity-but the goods fly off the shelves. The Groomtech chairman, hugely impressed, gives Reggie his next assignment: to cut half the staff. Nicola, feeling neglected as Reggie embraces his work with great enthusiasm, initially turns down David after he makes a pass at her at the swimming baths but still ends up ringing him. William, desperate to avoid matrimony, tries a feeble ploy to persuade Marion that he is gay, though it fails to work 4 November 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 5 – DVD] – The success of the new product range leaves Reggie with a difficult decision, which could result in redundancy for some of his colleagues. Meanwhile, his efforts to reconcile with Nicola lead to a shocking discovery that threatens to change everything. 11 November 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 6 – DVD] – Nicola’s affair with David is now out in the open and the Perrins clash at their parents wedding. Reggie needs to come up with a plan to stop the chairman of Groomtech from selling the company. Reggie begins to wonder if he should just disappear once again. 18 November 2010

[RED – DVD] – When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants. I really enjoyed this movie.

[The New Avengers  Series 1 Episode 4 – The Last of the Cybernauts….? – DVD] –  5th November 1976 – The Avengers set out to ambush double agent Felix Kane but the ensuing car chase results in Kane crashing and being engulfed by a huge explosion. Unbeknownst to Steed, however, Kane survives and spends a year secretly recovering. He then kidnaps Goff, an engineer who had helped develop a series of cybernauts a decade previously. For Kane is hellbent on revenge and intends to use the robots as killers.  This was a good episode.

[The New Avengers  Series 1 – Episode 5 – “To Catch a Rat” – DVD] – 3rd December 1976 – In 1960 British agent Irwin Gunner almost succeeded in eliminating a double agent known only as ‘White Rat’. However the Rat managed to keep his identity secret and escape. He, in turn, arranged to have Gunner killed but the staged accident simply left Gunner with amnesia. Seventeen years later a bump on the head restores Gunner’s memory and he continues his search for the White Rat. Gunner contacts Steed at headquarters using an obsolete code but the White Rat also receives the transmission. The Avengers must find Gunner and identify White Rat before the double agent gets to Gunner first.

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Multimedia Week Ending 7/31/2011


This week I mostly been listening to……..Rush, Roy Harper, Jean Michelle Jarre

DVD – BluRay

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 1 – “Backwards”- DVD] – 14 November 1989 – With Kryten now a regular member of the crew, Rimmer takes him on a flying lesson in the transport vehicle Starbug. They find themselves whisked away through a time hole, arriving back on Earth, 1993. However, time is running backwards.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 2 – “Marooned” – DVD] – 21 November 1989 – The crew abandon ship as Holly sees five black holes in the direct flight path of Red Dwarf. Rimmer and Lister then find themselves marooned on an ice planet after Starbug is struck by a meteorite. Lister is freezing and starving but the only firewood is his beloved guitar and Rimmer’s prized possessions, and the only food left is dog food and a pot noodle, Lister’s most hated food.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 3 – “Polymorph” – DVD] – 28 November 1989 – The crew become radically different people after they encounter a polymorph, a genetically engineered shape-changing mutant that feeds on negative emotions. After escaping from the polymorph they decide that there are only two options, one: take it on, or two: run away. Two has always been the Cat’s favourite number anyway.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 4 – “Bodyswap” – DVD] – 5 December 1989 – Rimmer suggests that the perfect way to help Lister get “healthy” is swapping bodies, by implanting his mind into Lister’s and vice versa, so that Rimmer can undergo a hefty exercise regime in Lister’s body. However, Rimmer is overtaken with excitement at the prospect of having a physical body again and refuses to give it back to Lister.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 5 – “Timeslides” – DVD] – 12 December 1989 – The developing fluid that Kryten uses to process old photographs mutates and the photographs come alive. The crew find they can go into the photograph, and Lister finds that the photographs allows them to go back in time. Using this he plans on changing history so that he does not end up marooned in deep space.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 6 – “The Last Day” – DVD] – 19 December 1989 – Lister receives a pre-recorded message from Jim Reaper (as in “the Grim Reaper”), head of Diva-Droid international, the company that created Kryten. Kryten is ordered to be dismantled within 24 hours and is to be replaced by Hudzen-10 (Gordon Kennedy), a super-strong android, who has been tracking Kryten for thousands of years and is now on an intercept course with Red Dwarf. The crew decide to throw Kryten a leaving party, and give him one last night to remember.

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Multimedia Week Ending 7/24/2011


This Week I mostly Been listening to….Marillion, Roy Harper


[Two Ronnies Season 5 – Episode 8 – DVD] – 23 Oct 1976 – In ‘The Day After Tomorrow’s World’ Ronnie Barker presents the kitchen of the future. Plus the Arbroath Pipe Band and the final instalment of ‘The Fantom Rasberry Blower”

[Two Ronnies Season 5 – Episode 7 – DVD] – 16 Oct 1976 – Sketches include ‘The Royal Society For The Prevention of Mispronunciation’ and ‘Stage Directions’.

[Shutter Island – DVD] – World War II soldier-turned-U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) investigates the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane, but his efforts are compromised by his own troubling visions and by Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley). Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams, Emily Mortimer and Max von Sydow co-star in director Martin Scorsese’s plot twist-filled psychological thriller set on a Massachusetts island in 1954. A pretty thought provoking movie that left me ultimately unsatisfied.

[Red Dwarf Series 3 Episode 1 – “Backwards”] – 14 November 1989 – With Kryten now a regular member of the crew, Rimmer takes him on a flying lesson in the transport vehicle Starbug. They find themselves whisked away through a time hole, arriving back on Earth, 1993. However, time is running backwards. This is a classic episode. Especially the bit with the cat at the end. The cats acting is really wooden in this episode.


[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #201: 2011-06-15] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss FLASHPOINT: WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES #1 by DC, CAPTAIN AMERICA CORPS #1 by Marvel and EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS #0 by ASPEN.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-05 Comics] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 comic books for May 2011.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #202: 2011-06-22] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss SUPERMAN #712 by DC, SECRET AVENGERS#14 by Marvel and NEXT MEN #7 by IDW.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #203: 2011-06-29 ] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss FLASHPOINT: THE CANTERBURY CRICKET #1 by DC, ULTIMATE COMICS X #5 by Marvel and ROCKETEER ADVENTURES #2 by IDW.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #204: 2011-07-06] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #2 by DC, RED SKULL #1 by Marvel and 50 GIRLS 50 #2 by IMAGE COMICS.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #200: 2011-06-08] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #1 by DC, NEW AVENGERS #13 by Marvel and TERRY MOORES ECHO #30 by ABSTRACT STUDIO.

[Fresh Ink Online Podcast – G.I. Joe: Death of Cobra Commander On Fresh Ink Online] – Fresh Ink host Blair Butler reviews four recent graphic novels: The Walking Dead Vol. 14, DV8, Seeds and G.I. Joe: The Death of Cobra Commander.

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Multimedia Week Ending 7/17/2011


[Primeval Series 2 Episode 6 – DVD] – 16 February 2008 – A Columbian Mammoth slips through an anomaly, rampaging along the M25 scattering cars and lorries in its wake. As Cutter and the rest of the team take on the task of stopping it, Stephen is shocked when Helen returns with plans of her own. After taking the Mammoth back to the ARC, Cutter decides to set a trap to root out the traitor in their midst, leaving Lester to fight for his life against a Future Predator that has infiltrated the ARC.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 7 – DVD] – 23 February 2008 – Cutter and the team are kidnapped and held in a military bunker by Oliver Leek, who has plans to be the most powerful man in the world using an army of fearsome predators he has captured from past anomalies, while his ally, Helen, furthers her own nefarious schemes. As the team fight for their survival, Stephen deals with a Silurian Scorpion which Leek has unleashed onto a busy beach. Back at the bunker, the team have found a way to stop Leek, but at the cost of Stephen’s life.

[Two Ronnies Series 5 Episode 5 – DVD] – Oct 2, 1976 – Sketches include ‘The Drinks Order’ and ‘June 9th 2001 News’. In the serial Scotland Yard tries to catch the Phantom Raspberry Blower with some fake Queen Victorias. Music comes from Barbara Dickson and Jehosophat & Jones.

[Two Ronnies Series 5 Episode 6 – DVD] – Oct 9, 1976 – Sketches include ‘The Ministry of Sex Equality’ and ‘Cricket Commentators at a Restaurant’.


[Mayo Report: 2011-05 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for May 2011.

[Mayo Report: 2011-04 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for April 2011.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight #044: 2011-06] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the June 2011 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07 DC] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the July 2011 Previews catalog with respect to the DC 52 launch and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked. I do not plan on buying any of these comics.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the July 2011 Previews catalog with respect to the DC 52 launch and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked. This podcast covers the non DC items.


[Dungeon Chronicles HD – iPAD] – A pretty good tower defence/RPG hybrid with an annoying Sean Connery impersonator. Not as addictive as Fieldrunners.

[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played.

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Multimedia Week Ending 7/10/2011

This week I mostly been listening to……Cloud Cult, Riverside, Anethema, Karnivool


[A Sunday in hell – You Tube] – A classic cycling documentary from the Mercyx era.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 1 – DVD] – 12 January 2008 – As Cutter tries to come to terms with Claudia Brown’s disappearance, he struggles to adjust to working with her replacement, the slimy Oliver Leek. Meanwhile, bloodthirsty Raptors are rampaging through a shopping mall and the team are called in to deal with the situation. When the team arrives back at the ARC, they are introduced to Jenny Lewis, the ARC’s new PR officer, and a doppelgänger of Claudia Brown. Second series is definitely not as good as the first and goes off in a confusing direction.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 2 – DVD] – 19 January 2008 – Cutter and his team find themselves pursuing giant, carnivorous worms that start to appear through an eerie fog in a local office block after emerging through another anomaly. As the team deals with the problem, Cutter becomes preoccupied with the team’s new PR executive, Jenny Lewis, whom he is convinced is actually Claudia Brown.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 3 – DVD] – 26 January 2008 – Connor’s new anomaly detector is set up in the ARC, but there are fears that the device will not work when another violent attack is reported at Blue Sky Park. Investigations lead the team to deduce the attacks took place before the detector came online. The team discover a Sabre-toothed cat is roaming the park, killing at will, but as their hunt continues, they begin to suspect someone knows of the creature’s presence and is covering up for it.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 4 – DVD] – 2 February 2008 – After a teenager mysteriously disappears, the team investigate, and narrowly save Jenny from death at the jaws of a highly unusual shark lurking in the Thames. Cutter is convinced that the creature’s unique morphology is the result of further evolution – that it’s a species from the future. They then split up to find the creature’s lair but trouble brews when Abby is dragged through an anomaly by another carnivorous species from the future: the Mer.

[Primeval Series 2 Episode 5 – DVD] – 9 February 2008 – A young girl searching for her dog ends up stuck on the other side of an anomaly, leading Cutter and Stephen to mount a rescue mission into the sandy deserts of the Silurian. But when the anomaly closes, the trio end up trapped with a horde of giant Silurian Scorpions which track them from hearing vibrations in the sand. As the three of them fight for survival, Cutter realises they are not alone: someone is actively trying to sabotage their work.

[Two Ronnies Series 5 Episode 4 – DVD] – Sep 25 1976 – Sketches include ‘An Appeal For Women’ and ‘All In A Day’s Berk’. Barbara Dickson sings another Beatles classic and the Ronnies join some Morris Dancers. This also has the classic badly typed script sketch.

[Two Ronnies Series 5 Episode 3 – DVD] – Sep 18 1976 – This episode includes the classic ‘Four Candles’ sketch, the introduction of Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales in ‘The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town’ and a musical number featuring two char ladies

[Two Ronnies Series 5 Episode 2 – DVD] – Sep 11  1976 – The second part of ‘The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town’, a Getaway Programme about Slough, This Week’s Bad Cause and songs by Barbara Dickson, Nana Moussaka and Charles Azenough.

[Two Ronnies Season 5 Episode 1 – DVD] – Sep 4 1976 – Sketches include The Cockney Rhyming Slang Sermon, The New Butler and Dr Death. There’s the first part of The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town (written by Spike Milligan) and a Native Indian musical number.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 1 – “Homes Fit for Heroes” – DVD] – 12/12/63 – Harold plans to go on a sailing trip around the world, and bung Albert in an old peoples home.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 2 – “The Wooden Overcoats” – DVD] – 19/12/63 – Harold comes home with a cartful of coffins, much to Albert’s horror.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 3 – “The Lead Man Cometh” – DVD] – 02/01/64 – The business is doing badly and the Steptoes are having to break into their savings to keep their heads above water, and then a led dealer comes round and sells them tons of led at a cheap price, they then find out the lead was stolen as the copper visits the yard. Featuring Leonard Rossiter.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 4 – “Steptoe à la Cart” – DVD] – 09/01/64 – Harold meets a French girl, and falls for her When she meets Albert they talk about her family history and it becomes apparent that Albert may have dated her grandmother while on leave during the first war with all its ramifications.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 5 – “Sunday for Seven Days” – DVD] – 16/01/64 – Albert and Harold are getting ready for an evening at the pictures.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 6 – “The Bond That Binds Us” – DVD] – 23/01/64 – Albert has a windfall on the Premium Bonds. Featuring June Whitfield.

[Steptoe and Son Series 3 Episode 7- “The Lodger” – DVD] – 30/01/64 = Albert decides to get in a lodger to earn some money, but Harold announces that when the lodger steps in, he steps out, then Albert catches Harold taking the advert out the shop window, tells him and Harold walks out, but Albert can’t get a lodger anyway.


[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 13 – Alone Again (Naturally)] – In this episode we have a brilliant interview with journalist & author Richard Moore about his new book “Slaying the Badger”, which recounts the battle between Hinault & Lemond in the 1986 Tour. In other book-related news we have a brief chat about the forthcoming book by Ned Boulting (yes, off of the telly!) which was the subject of an eloquent blog post by Mrs Stumpyrider a week or so ago. We stroll down the cobbled sections of memory lane as we wrap up this year’s classics campaign and we look forward to the Giro and the Amgen  Tour of California.  We discuss the first round of the Mountain Bike World Cup and look forward to the tenth anniversary of Fort William as a World Cup venue.

[Fresh Ink Online – Jenna Busch Guest Hosts Fresh Ink Online – 6/24/2011] – Fresh Ink Online friend jenna Busch guest hosts this week’s episode and reviews graphic novels Headache, Day’s Missing, Sandman, Slaine, and some other special treats.

[Fresh Ink Online – Death of Spider-Man Reviewed On Fresh Ink Online – 7/1/2011] – Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler reviews the controversial Ultimate: Death of Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, All Nighter, Mystery Men, Batman: Gates of Gotham, Scalped and Flashpoints Project Superman and Deadman and the Flying Graysons.

[Feedback – Uncharted 3 & Journey Beta Impressions – 7/6/2011] – In this edition of Feedback, Adam Sessler and the team come together to discuss what they thought about the online multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and the deserted exploration of the Journey Beta.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 14 – A Pod of Two Halves] – In this episode, first & foremost, we discuss the brilliant racing at the Giro and the Tour of California.  We have an interview with one of our listeners who tackled the Etape du California stage to Mount Baldy and we bring you part 2 of our interview with Richard Moore, where we discuss his forthcoming book, Sky’s The Limit. We talk about Round 2 of the mountain bike Cross Country World Cup held at Dalby Forest in England. The second half alluded to in the title is a loose and frankly shambolic (but hopefully passionate) discussion about the implications of the Hamilton & Hincapie revelations.  We reference two excellent pieces of journalism on the subject by Lional Birnie & David Walsh.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 15 – The Real Deal] – In this episode we look forward to the 2011 Tour de France and provide the listener with dozens of opportunities to prove us wrong regarding stages, riders and teams! We discuss our views on some of the key riders as well as some names that we will be looking out for. More of a pre-ramble to the Tour than a preamble

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #198: 2011-05-25] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss STRANGE ADVENTURES #1 by DC, SECRET WARRIORS #27 by Marvel and INCORRUPTIBLE #18 by BOOM STUDIOS.

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #199: 2011-06-01] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss SUPERBOY #8 by DC, S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 by Marvel and FOSTER BROUSSARD #1 by RED 5 COMICS.


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played

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Multimedia Week Ending 7/3/2011


This week I mostly been listening to…….Aloha, Sparta, Marillion


[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 7 – Men at Work] – This week, we discuss the Tour Down Under which sees the possibility of a head to head clash between Cav and ex team-mate Greipel.  This race also marks the final, last, final (honest, it’s final) appearance of Lance at a race (outwith the USA, finally, really, it is final this time!) Keeping to an Antipodean theme, we discuss the recriminations arising from the failure of Team Pegasus to get a Pro Continental licence. We have some audio from the screening of Chasing Legends which we saw in Stirling with all round good-egg, Owen, from the Drum-Up Cycling Blog. We also discuss what we got from Santa by way of cycling goodies.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 8 – In Denial] – This week, we discuss the wooly denials issued by those mentioned in the latest Floyd Landis interview.  We discuss Matt White’s sacking from Garmin-Slipstream and Team LAY-o-PARD’s technical innovations for Paris-Roubaix, as well as Jack Bobridge’s record in the 4000m Individual Pursuit.  We also bring you an update on Dan Atherton’s return to competition after breaking his neck.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 10 – Ricco’s Kitchen Nightmares] – This week we have a great chat with Richard Mitchelson whose excellent illustrations can be found in Rouleur magazine. We also bring you part 1 of our Guide to the Classics with John Galloway, aka @sofaboy, from the new podcast Flammecast. There is some discussion on Ricco’s fridge-related shennanigans, Contador’s beef-related shennanigans and JV “Joining the Dots”.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 9 – Scabby Dug] – On this episode we discuss all the static about the ongoing race radio debate (see what we did there?) as well as some discussion on Vacansoleil’s season so far.  We also have some chat about Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico (which Gary finds impossible to pronounce) and Milan–San Remo. We have Part 2 of our Guide to the Classics with John from The Flammecast (available on iTunes) We announce the winner of our signed Obree photo competition, who carries on the fine tradition of abusing poor Colin.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 12 – Help me Ronde] –  g In this episode we discuss the article by Bill Strickland of Bicycling Magazine entitled Lance Armstrong’s Endgame.  So disgusted are we by Colin’s attitude, that we forcibly eject him from the pod & prohibit him from taking any further part. We also discuss Riis’ and the victory of Nick Nuyens in the recent Ronde Van Vlaanderen. We preview the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup season and have a great chat with Chipps Chippendale from Singletrack Magazine.

[Fresh Ink Online – Batman vs. Batman – 5/13/2011] – Blair Butler reviews G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War, Punisher Max, Northlanders: The Hunt, Moon Knight, Flashpoint, and the aforementioned standoff Batman Inc and Batman City.

[Fresh Ink Online – Batman and Robin Die – 5/20/2011] – On this week’s Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler reviews four choice graphic novels: Poseurs, Invincible: Ultimate Collection Vol. 6, Batman and Robin: Batman and Robin Must Die, and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Masterpieces.

[Fresh Ink Online – Walking Dead, Rocketeer, Booster Gold Reviewed – 5/27/2011] – Blair Butler reviews comics Booster Gold: Flashpoint, Rocketeer Adventures, The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, Green Lantern: Willworld, The Walking Dead, Batman: Detective Comics and Batman: Gates of Gotham.

[Fresh Ink Online – Criminal, S.H.I.E.L.D., Halcyon – 6/3/2011] – Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler reviews the best of comics of the week, including Halcyon, Criminal: The Last Days of the Innocent, Secret Six and S.H.I.E.L.D.

[Fresh Ink Online – Jonah Hex & Batman Reviewed – 6/10/2011] – This week the G4tv staff and new super friend Jenna Busch, pick their favorite current comics, including Joan Hex, Uncanny X-Force, Batman Knight of Vengeance: Flashpoint, and Witch.

[Fresh Ink Online – Northlanders Special Reviewed – 6/17/2011] – This week host Blair Butler reviews Graveyard of Empires, Birds of Prey, Echo, Northlanders, and Batman Knight of Vengeance.


[The Two Ronnies Series 5 – Episode 1 – DVD] – 4/9/76 – Sketches include The Cockney Rhyming Slang Sermon, The New Butler and Dr Death. There’s the first part of The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town (written by Spike Milligan) and a Native Indian musical number.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 1 – DVD] – 10 February 2007 – A sighting of a strange creature occurs on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, leading a small team of scientists and government officials to investigate it. They find a Scutosaurus in the forest and discover a time anomaly that leads to the late Permian period, 250 million years ago. The team soon realise that a Gorgonopsid also came through and they must find it before it kills anyone.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 2 – DVD] – 17 February 2007 – After a London Underground cleaner is fatally bitten by some type of giant bug, James Lester brings the team together to investigate. They find another anomaly that leads to the late Carboniferous, and a colony of Giant Spiders that have come through. Using powerful lights to send the spiders back, the team are then attacked by the true killer. An Arthropleura, which bites and poisons Stephen. The race is now on to extract a sample of venom from the giant arthropod to synthesise an antivenom before Stephen dies.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 3 – DVD] – 24 February 2007 – A man at a local swimming pool is killed by a Cretaceous Mosasaur when an anomaly appears there. But when the anomaly disappears and reopens several miles away in a reservoir, Cutter realizes that the anomalies have the ability to move, and his theory is confirmed when the anomaly opens for a third time in a residential basement, where a plumber is attacked there by a Hesperornis. When the team find proof that Cutter’s wife, Helen, is alive in the past, Cutter is ordered through the anomaly to find and bring her back.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 4 – DVD] – 3 March 2007 – Helen escapes from custody at the Home Office by taking the team to an anomaly that unleashes a flock of dodos. These dodos are carrying deadly parasites capable of infecting humans. Unknown to the team, Connor’s friends Tom and Duncan capture one of the dodos, but when Tom is infected by the parasite and goes on the rampage, Cutter and the team must find him before they have a pandemic on their hands.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 5 – DVD] – 10 March 2007 – A Pteranodon turns up at a golf course, and a golfer is killed. Cutter and his team go to investigate and find the anomaly up in the air. The team track the flying reptile down to send it back to its time, but Cutter and Claudia become trapped in a mansion by a flock of bloodthirsty Anurognathus. As Cutter goes to get help, Claudia finds salvation in the unlikely hands of Helen Cutter.

[Primeval Series 1 Episode 6 – DVD] – 17 March 2007 – Helen Cutter returns and informs the team that she has seen a highly evolved predator from the future enter the present day. After dispatching the adult creature, Nick and Helen decide to take its young back through the anomaly in the Forest of Dean, hoping to locate the anomaly to the future, a decision that proves to be a mistake when the creatures break free. Upon his return to the present Cutter is shocked to discover that Claudia Brown has disappeared and apparently never existed in this world.


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played

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Multimedia Week Ending 6/26/2011


This week I mostly been listening to…….Roy Harper


[Tittybangbang Series 2 – Episodes 1 to 6 – DVD] –  I definitely enjoyed season 2 more than season 1. This series has a lot more funny moments.


[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 1] – Episode 1 of the VCDL podcast with a legendary special guest. Great podcast

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 2 – The Two Dons Podcast] – We are joined by another legend to discuss the World Championships and suspect butchery practices! Great podcast.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 3 – Pan Fried Nuts] – Luxo-Bank, JV’s Nuts and other savoury items on the latest VCDL Pod.  Bikes not guns! Great podcast.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 4 – Get Skinny] – We are joined by Scot Tares from who tells us all about the joys of cycling in Highland Perthshire.  We also discuss the hot topics of the road and mountain biking scenes – all whilst laughing at Colin’s flowery pink shirt! Great podcast.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 5 – Public Relations] – Part 2 of our interview with Scot at Skinny Tyres. Team Sky demonstrate good use of PR whilst Graham Watson & Juan Pelota do otherwise.  We also have an interview with Rowan & Andy Mackie, organisers of the first everScottish Bike Show.

[Velo Club Don Logan Podcast – Episode 6 – A Christmas Gift For You] – This week, we discuss the untimely passing of Also Sassi & the tragic injury to a fellow cyclist as highlighted on Owen P’s excellent Drum-Up Cycling Blog.  Please visit the Dundee Thistle website and consider purchasing.

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 19: Mewes Light Up My Life] – Mewes give me hope to carry on. Mewes light up my days, and fill my nights with song. Funny with the exception of the game show.

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 20: Mewes Gives Love A Bad Name] – Shot through the heart – and you’re to blame! Mewes gives love a bad name! Funny with the exception of the game show.

[Hollywood Babble-On 25] – Kevin is on the road, so Ralph welcomes special guest host Jon Lovitz to babble on. Classic stuff

[Hollywood Babble-On 26] – Ralph and Kevin learn all the days of the week from a teenage girl. Funny Podcast.


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played

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