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Multimedia Week Ending 3/6/2011

This Week I mostly Been listening to……Marillion, Elephant 6 Orchestra, Of Montreal, Hawkwind


[Hollywood Babble-on #20] – Don’t you believe Garman’s performance for a minute: He told Kev to do it. Funny podcast.

[NPR Tiny Desktop Concert – Richard Thompson] – Music from Richard Thompson’s Tiny Desk Concert. With his honest songs about politics and love, always dispensed with hard-biting wit, Thompson has been a consistently vital artist for decades. Watch the singer, songwriter and guitarist perform music from his 20th solo album, Dream Attic, at the NPR Music offices. You can download the video by subscribing to the All Songs Considered Tiny Desk Concert Podcast at A great concert and proof there is life in the old dog yet. I once sang with Richard Thompson in a folk club 🙂

[Jay and Silent Bob Grow Old #15] – Merry Mewesmas (or Christmewes)! This podcast is still one of the best on the Smodcast network.

[Mayo Report 2011-01 – Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for January 2011.

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #184] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss SUPERMAN/BATMAN #81 by DC, SILVER SURFER #1 by Marvel and TWILIGHT GUARDIAN #1 by IMAGE COMICS: TOP COW.

[Q!Paw 501] – Jon’s got a cold and Matt’s tired but still they have time to talk comics. Find out what it would really be like to live in Marvel 616 and hear the minutes from the last meeting of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Funny podcast in a strange kind of way.

[Q!Paw 502] – Matt and Jon talk What-If, Image issue ones and speculate what Batman: Eath One will be like. Reviews of Superboy issue 1 and the all-new Dandy as well as a new Green Lantern game show which Jon doesn’t appear to like much.

[Q!Paw 503] – It’s a slow news week (apparently) but Matt and Jon have still got time to talk about Watchmen 2, Kevin Eastman and some new first issues. Also, ever wondered what the Guardians of OA are really like?

[Q!Paw 504] – With Christmas looming, Matt and Jon discuss Simon Bisley, how and where they store their comic books and incorrectly pronounce comic book characters (among other things). Also, Matt finds a friend on the Q!PAW forum

[Q!Paw 505] -Back after the festive Holidays, Matt and Jon are joined by Tim from The Hat Decides Podcast to discuss all that is great in the comic book world. Matt has another awesome comic book quiz and they boys discuss The Fantastic Four. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

[Ep48 ECBT2000AD] – In this special episode, Rich is joined by Pete Wells of the 2000AD covers blog to go over their favourite covers of the last 12 months and talk about what makes a cool cover image and which covers were the most popular with the users of the 2000AD forums. Not suitable for people sensitive to swearing or comedy Geordie accents.

[Ep49 ECBT2000AD] – Richard is joined by Stacey Whittle and Pete Wells to bring the podcast scarily up to date by looking at progs 1720-22. Along the way they touch on girlie Daleks, Celine Dion, the joys of all night pasties and for some reason decide to tackle the delicate subject of racism in comics whilst all being slightly drunk. As always, there are spoilers for the progs in question and language not suitable for anyone. Having a few beers prior to listening to this one is strongly advised.

[Collected Comics Library Podcast #303] – Six Year Anniversary; News from IDW, DC, Marvel, Fantagraphics, Flesk, Boom, and Dark Horse;  15m 56s Collected Comics Library, hosted by Chris Marshall, THE Trade Paperback Podcast. The only podcast solely dedicated to news, information and reviews on all sorts of comic book collected editions.

[Fresh Ink Online – 12/3/2010] – Host Blair Butler reviews The Walking Dead, Healed, Thunder Agents, Batman Inc., The Invincible Iron Man, Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom, Secret Warriors, G.I. Joe: Cobra and Batwoman.

[Fresh Ink Online – 12/10/2010] – On this week’s Fresh Ink Online Blair Butler reviews the debut of Twenty-Seven, CBGB: OMFUG, Two Generals, Return of the Dapper Men, and The Sword: The Complete Collection. Good stuff all around, kiddies.

[Fresh Ink Online – 1/7/2011] – This week’s Fresh Ink Online finds host Blair Butler reviewing The Cape, The Walking Dead, Thunder Agents, Lex Luthor’s Action Comics, Ultimate Captain America, Batman Detective Comics and The Invincible Iron Man.

[Fresh Ink Online – 1/14/2011] – Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler reviews five new comics: Halcyon, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Secret Six, Echoes, and The Infinite Vacation.

[French Ink Online – 1/21/2011] – Comic Alliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson fills in for Blair Butler on Fresh Ink Online and reviews Casanova, Meanwhile, Duncan the Wonder Dog, and Thor: The Mighty Avenger.

[French Ink Online – 1/28/2011] – Fresh Ink Online’s Blair Butler reviews Fantastic 4, G.I. Joe: Cobra, New York Five, Northlanders: The Girl In The Ice, Scarlet, Detective Comics, and Locke & Key.

[Fresh Ink Online – 2/4/2011] – Blair Butler reviews G.I. Joe: Cobra, Heavy Metal spin-off Orc Stain, Daytripper, Thor and the Warriors Four, Rose and Isabel, Superman: Secret Origin, and The Question: Pipeline.

[Fresh Ink Online – 2/11/2011] – Comic guru Blair Butler reviews new issues of Wolverine, Ultimate Captain America, and The Walking Dead.

[Fresh ink Online – 2/18/2011] – Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler reviews comics Jennifer Blood, Uncanny X-Force, Uptight, Who is Jake Ellis?, Superman/Batman, The Magdalena, Morning Glories and G.I. Joe: Cobra.

[Karl Pilkington A day in the Life] -A special free episode of The Ricky Gervais Show with Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Really funny podcast.

[KEXP Live Concerts – Drums] – Brooklyn indie-pop quartet The Drums rock the Ace Hotel lobby live on KEXP as part of the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC.  Recorded on 10/20/10 – 9 songs: Submarine, Best Friend, Book of Stories, Make You Mine, Let’s Go Surfing, We Tried, Baby That’s Not The Point, Forever and Ever, Amen. Didn’t do anything for me.

[KEXP Live Concerts – Yellow Ostrich] – Join New York-based duo Yellow Ostrich for a fun live set recorded live on KEXP from The Cutting Room Studios. Recorded on 11/30/2010  – 4 songs: Whale, Ha Ha Ha Oh Ho Ho, Daughter, Mary. Not Bad but nothing special.

[KEXP Live Concerts – The Black Angels] – Dig the thick, chromatic psych-rock sounds of Texas band The Black Angels recorded live for KEXP at Seattle’s The Triple Door. Recorded on 11/30/10 – 7 songs: You On The Run, Haunting At 1300 McKinely, Bad Vibrations, Entrance Song, Young Men Dead, Telephone, Phosphene Dream. A very 60’s Doors like band but heavy Guitar based. Pretty good.


[Red Dwarf Series 2 Episode 4 “Stasis Leak” – DVD] – 27 September 1988 – A time barrier called a “Stasis Leak” is found on Floor 16 and it takes the crew back in time on Red Dwarf three million years earlier, to a point three weeks before the disaster which killed the rest of the crew. Rimmer tries to change the past by putting himself into suspended animation, so he does not die in the radioactive disaster. Lister has similar plans for Kochanski.

[Red Dwarf Series 2 Episode 5 “Queeg” – DVD] – 4 October 1988 – When the ship’s “computer senile” computer Holly allows a meteorite to damage the ship and Rimmer’s hologram to malfunction, the crew lose faith in him. Holly’s back-up computer, Queeg 500 (Charles Augins), takes command of Red Dwarf. When Queeg 500 runs the ship like a military garrison, the Dwarfers have a change of heart and want Holly back, and so encourage Holly to challenge Queeg to a game of chess, where the loser gets erased from the system.

[Red Dwarf Series 2 Episode 6 “Parallel Universe” – DVD] – 11 October 1988 – The Dwarfers test Holly’s new invention, the “Holly Hop Drive”, which will supposedly warp them back to Earth in seconds. Instead Red Dwarf enters an alternate parallel dimension in which the Dwarfers encounter female versions of themselves – Cat, however, encounters an opposite version of himself instead, the scruffy Dog. Lister gets drunk and sleeps with his female self. Later he finds himself pregnant with twins, as in the parallel dimension, it is the men who fall pregnant.

[Carlitos way – DVD] –  a stonking good ganster movie in a similar vein to scarface.

[Carlito’s Way -Rise to Power – DVD] – This movie was supposed to be a prequel to Carlito’s way but it really wasnt. It was a pretty good gangster flick and was worth a watch. Clever ending.


[GT5 – PS3] – I ghave been hitting the type b mode pretty hard this week and having fun doing so.

[Plants vs Zombies – iPad] – Great fun but can be really challenging. The fog levels were a bit annoying.

Electronic Comics:

[2000AD Prog 1710] – Favorite story – Dandridge

[2000AD Prog 1711] – Favorite story – Dandridge

[2000AD Prog 1712] – Favorite story – Dandridge. Very unusual art on Judge Dredd but good story.

[2000AD Prog 1713] – Favorite story – Dandridge. Very unusual art on Judge Dredd but good story.

[2000AD Prog 1714]  – Favorite Story – Judge Dredd. Future shock “Boxes”  and Dandridge were also good too. I am not enjoying the Slaine run.

[2000AD Prog 2011] – Favorite Story – Rogue Trooper. Ampney Crucis and Judge Anderson were also good.


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