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Multimedia Week Ending 3/27/2011

This Week I mostly been listening to……Marillion, Radiohead, Megadeth


[Firefly Episode 9 – “War Stories” – DVD] – Wash insists he be allowed to accompany Mal on a mission instead of Zoe… and immediately regrets it when the two are captured by Adelei Niska — the client who previously hired Mal to steal the medicine bound for Paradiso. Wash is really annoying in this episode.

[Firefly Episode 7 –  “Out Of Gas” – DVD] – An explosion leaves Serenity crippled — Mal orders everyone to abandon ship while he stays behind to try to make repairs. As Serenity’s air slowly but surely leaks away, we’re treated to a series of flashbacks, from Mal’s point of view, that fills in some missing background for the original crew members, including Mal’s early interactions with each of them. Probably the best episode of the series.

[Firefly Episode 8 – “Ariel” – DVD] – Simon offers the crew a job: if they help him sneak River into an Alliance Hospital on Ariel so he can run diagnostic imaging on her, he’ll tell them where to find medical supplies that will fetch an enormous price on the black market.  Great episode.

[Firefly Episode 9 – “War Stories” – DVD] – Wash insists he be allowed to accompany Mal on a mission instead of Zoe… and immediately regrets it when the two are captured by Adelei Niska — the client who previously hired Mal to steal the medicine bound for Paradiso. Wash is really annoying in this episode.

[Firefly Episode 10 “Trash” – DVD] – Mal is surprised to discover his old war buddy’s new bride is Saffron (from Our Mrs Reynolds), he’s even more suspicious when she offers him a partnership in a heist after he blows her cover.

[Firefly Episode 11 – “The Message” – DVD] – Jayne opens a package from his mother that contains an orange/yellow wool cap with ear flaps and a pom-pom — Mal and Zoe open a package to discover the body of their old war buddy, Tracey. Winner? Definitely Jayne.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 1 – “Cooking the Books”- DVD] – 29 September 2000 – After his accountant flees from the police, Bernard is faced with the daunting prospect of doing his own taxes, and resorts to pairing his socks, getting drunk with door-to-door evangelists, and trying to seriously injure himself since it will allow him to defer his tax return. Manny, an accountant, enters Black Books for the first time in order to buy the The Little Book of Calm on his way to work and, against all odds, manages to swallow it. Fran is bedevilled by a weird, unfathomable sphere that isn’t actually ‘a bald furby’. Naturally, chaos ensues. At the end of the episode, we find out that Fran’s sphere is actually a lighter which Manny demonstrates.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 2 – “Manny’s First Day “- DVD] – 6 October 2000 – Bernard wakes up from a night on the booze to discover he’s accidentally given Manny a job at the bookshop, and spends the day trying to get rid of him. Manny assists in this by proving to be a charming, sociable and extremely competent employee, apparently unaware that it’s ‘not that kind of operation’. An offering of wine from Manny and the threat of physical violence from Fran, however, persuades Bernard to keep Manny on board.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 3 – “Grapes of Wrath “- DVD] – 13 October 2000 – When the sheer filth of the bookshop becomes too much to handle for him, Manny calls a creepy cleaner and Bernard reluctantly agrees to house-sit for a friend. Unfortunately, the two manage to drink a very expensive bottle of wine that was due to be presented to the Pope, and have to figure out a way of either replacing it before he gets home or think of a present better than a box of pencils to compensate for it. Meanwhile, Fran goes on a date with a very nice man which is, unfortunately, nothing short of disastrous. At the end, Fran goes on a date with the cleaner, Bernard is distracted by his birthday, and jam fails to keep a bit of toast stuck to the ceiling.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 4 – “The Blackout “- DVD] – 20 October 2000 – On his birthday, Manny stays up all night watching The Sweeney and drinking espresso. Thinking he’s a seventies cop, he manages to go from eyeing old men suspiciously in the bookshop to being trapped at the local police station helping a real detective put the ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine on a local villain. Bernard explains how going to a dinner party eventually led to a broken arm while Fran describes the steps from seeing her boyfriend having dinner with another woman to being in hospital with a neck injury.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 5 – “The Big Lock-Out” – DVD] – 27 October 2000 – After being burgled, Black Books gets a new alarm and security door fitted, but Manny fails to listen to the unlock code, distracted by a little Subbuteo player in the installer’s hair (“there was a little man … in his hair”). This quickly results in Manny being trapped alone inside with only a quickly-emptied bottle of Absinthe and dead bees for company and Bernard locked outside with just enough money for popcorn and a cinema ticket. Meanwhile, Fran has taken the phone off the hook to listen to silky-voiced Howell Granger read the shipping forecast on the radio, leaving Bernard to wander the streets of London penniless, cold and wet, with only an adult video shop and the allure of fast-food employment between him and freezing.

[Black’s Books Series 1 Episode 6 – 6 “He’s Leaving Home” – DVD] –  3 November 2000 – Bernard finally breaks the last straw with his constant bullying, and Manny decides to leave home, but doesn’t even manage to let Bernard know about this without being attacked by a bee in a telephone box and finding himself on the streets. He is soon picked up by a photographer with a beard fetish and is treated to a glamorous life of expensive clothes, satin sheets and crinkle-cut chips in silver bowls, but such high living comes at a high price.

[Sarah Jane Adventures – “The Lost Boy” Part 1 – DVD] – Sarah Jane and the gang face some old alien enemies again, along with an altogether unexpected foe, in the final two-part adventure of the series. A news report on a couple looking for their missing son, Ashley, brings a surprise for Sarah Jane when she discovers that the missing boy looks exactly like Luke. And when Mr Smith, Sarah Jane’s super-computer, confirms that Luke is a genetic match with Ashley, Sarah Jane sends him back to live with his “parents”. But, with no knowledge of his former life, Luke finds it hard to fit in and, when he tries to escape, he makes a startling discovery about who his parents really are. Sarah Jane, meanwhile, makes some investigations into the Pharos Para-Science Institute – a research unit that has been conducting experiments using alien technology.

[Sarah Jane Adventures – “The Lost Boy” Part 2 – DVD] – Maria and her dad, Alan, dig deeper into the mystery of Luke’s new parents and discover that Luke has actually been kidnapped by the Slitheen, in the final episode of the popular children’s adventure series. There are more shocks in store when Sarah Jane and Maria find out that Mr Smith, Sarah Jane’s super computer, is one of the bad guys. With Clyde nowhere to be seen, Luke in the clutches of aliens and no Mr Smith to help, things aren’t looking good for Sarah Jane and Maria. But just what do the Slitheen want with Luke and who, or what, exactly, is the Xylok?

[Reaper Season 1: Episode 1 “Pilot” – DVD] – Sam Oliver is a slacker, spending his time as a below average employee of The WorkBench; college was too “sleepy”. But the day of his 21st birthday is life-altering as Sam discovers his parents previous sale of his soul to The Devil. Now, it is his responsibility to recapture lost souls from Hell with the aid of vessels–magical objects specifically designed for the confinement of a lost soul. His first soul: a fireman who enjoys setting fires. Along with his friends Sock and Ben, Sam goes after his first target using his sudden telekinetic power and the devilish Dirt Devil vacuum vessel, while simultaneously trying to kindle a romantic relationship with his co-worker Andi. 

[Reaper Season 1: Episode 2 “Charged” – DVD] – The second soul assigned to Sam is something of a shocker–an energy salesman whose escape from Hell is accompanied by electrical storms across town. But Sam is not too eager to adopt the bounty hunter mantle, instead fleeing from his responsibility, and the vessel (a Daredevil radio-control monster truck). Meanwhile, lying to his mother about his involvement with The Devil is beginning to tax their relationship despite the gift of a brand new hybrid. Eventually, Sam collects the rogue soul with a little motivation from The Devil, and a little help from his friends. And, with the truth revealed to his mother, mother and son decide to say nothing to younger brother, Kyle.

[Reaper Season 3: “All Mine” – DVD] – Sam discovers everything going into his mouth suddenly spawns cockroaches, an interesting hint as to the nature of his next target soul–the jealous lover of an elderly widower. Guess what happened to his wife? Now, the lost soul is a swirling mass of angry insects while Sam and his friends desperately attempt to repair the broken toaster vessel delivered by The Devil. Meanwhile, Sam struggles with encouraging Andi to return to college despite the pain of separation, but perhaps his adventure in the love life of the damned might inspire hope for his own life.

[Reaper Season 1: “Magic” – DVD] – Another interesting mission for Sam beginning with random objects of his disappearing and reappearing in odd locations. It is his hint to search for his fourth lost soul in the shape of an arrogant magician working at a nearby carnival, someone who is murdering his “ungrateful” audience with magic tricks. However, Sam is occupied with the prospect of spending a night alone with Andi while driving to Idaho to attend a university concert, and, more specifically, how to dodge The Devil’s prohibition of any vacation for his condemned servant. The hunt is suddenly intensified, though, when Andi is unwittingly directed to one of the crazed magician’s magic shows, and, although Sam rescues her with the help of his friends and their newly arrived pet–the white dove doubling as a demonic vessel from Hell, Andi is disappointed by his repeated flakiness. In return for his earlier manipulation The Devil finally awards Sam the contract for his soul, but the poor boy is out of luck with Andi.


[ECBT2000AD – Ep51 – Judge Dredd Movie Review] – In this special episode Rich is joined by Lee and Stacey from the Small Press Big Mouth podcast, and also by 2000AD writer Alec Worley to discuss the Stallone Dredd movie.

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #186: 2011-03-14] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss GIANT SIZE ATOM #1 by DC, ANNIHILATION #1 by Marvel and COMIC BOOK COMICS #5 by EVIL TWIN COMICS.

[Previews Spotlight #041: 2011-03] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the contents of the March 2011 Previews catalog and play clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – Absolutely hands down my favorite game on the iPAD. Classic tower defense game and utterly addictive.


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