Posted by: britcpower | April 17, 2011

Multimedia Week Ending 4/17/2011

This Week I mainly been listening to…..Roy Harper, Fairport Convention


[Ricky Gervais Podcast – Ricky on Piers Morgan Tonight] – Here’s the audio from Ricky’s recent interview with Piers Morgan after his hosting of the 2011 Golden Globes. Really funny podcast.

[Ricky Gervais Podcast – The Ricky Gervais Guide To… Comic Relief] – Red Nose Day 2011 is 18 March 2011 – make a donation at – Really funny podcast.

[Ricky Gervais Podcast – An Idiot’s Appeal] – A really funny session with karl on charity.

[Everything Comes Back to 2000AD -The Megacast Ep 4] – Iz and Stacey (aka The Whittle) are back to work through issues 307 and 308 of the Judge Dredd Megazine. As always the issues mentioned are spoiled, the language is not for kids and a fair bit of wine is drunk. Fun stuff.

[FriComedy: Best of The Now Show Ep 6 of 6] – Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis are joined by the usual gang plus lots of special guests, including Jon Culshaw, Jon Richardson and Paul Sinha. Together they look back at the big issues from the last twelve months – not least custard probes, thieving seagulls.

[FriComedy: The News Quiz 08 Jan 2010] – Campaigning, Coups and the Cold: Sandi Toksvig leads the teams in the week that a Labour revolution got left in the cold, Iceland gave the UK the cold shoulder and marriage gave Cameron cold feet. Jeremy Hardy, Fred Macaulay, Will Smith and Danielle Ward

[Sessler’s Soapbox: Collection in Games] – Adam talks about how collectibles in games can either help you explore or bring you out of the experience depending on how they’re implemented.

[Fresh Ink Online: Walking Dead, Nonplayer, Blue Estate] – Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler returns reviews The Walking Dead, Fear Itself and indies Nonplayer, Blue Estate, and Undying Love.

[Hollywood Babble-On 23] – Let’s all go inside! Very funny podcast.

[CCL #305 – Lois Lane, Comic Journalism and The Eisners] – The three hundred fifth podcast! The 2011 Eisner Award Nominess; Comic Book Journalism; Lois Lane; OOP Books; 31m 47s


[Firefly – Episode 10 – “Trash” – DVD] – Mal is surprised to discover his old war buddy’s new bride is Saffron (from Our Mrs Reynolds), he’s even more suspicious when she offers him a partnership in a heist after he blows her cover. A good episode

[Firefly – Episode 11 – “The Message” – DVD] – Jayne opens a package from his mother that contains an orange/yellow wool cap with ear flaps and a pom-pom — Mal and Zoe open a package to discover the body of their old war buddy, Tracey. Winner? Definitely Jayne.

[Firefly – Episode 12 – “Heart Of Gold” – DVD] – The crew comes to the aid of an unlicensed bordello when its madam contacts Inara for help. A [pretty raunchy episode

[Firefly – Episode 13 – “Objects In Space” – DVD] – Everyone (well, almost everyone) is caught off-guard when a bounty hunter looking for River sneaks aboard Serenity while the ship is in deep space and methodically begins taking down the crew. A great final episode.

[Sarah Jane Adventures – Season 2, Episode 3 – “Day of the Clown” – Part 1] – 6 October 2008 – Rani Chandra, a would-be journalist, moves into the Jackson’s old house with her mother and father, who is the new school head. Children have been disappearing and Rani suspects the appearance of a clown at the school is significant. In fact the last two to go missing had tickets to the Museum of the Circus, which Sarah Jane, Rani and the boys investigate. It is run by Elijah Spellman, a smilingly sinister figure, who sets clown robots on the group, though Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick to immobilise them. The group escape after Spellman has turned first into the Pied Piper and then into Odd Bob the clown. Great episode.

[Sarah Jane Adventures – Season 2, Episode 4 – “Day of the Clown” – Part 2] – 13 October 2008 – After Sarah Jane has told Luke she has a fear of clowns dating from a childhood incident, balloons rain from the sky into the school playground. Children who touch them fall under Odd Bob’s spell but Clyde, using his mobile phone, breaks the contact, releasing the children. Odd Bob captures Luke, forcing Sarah Jane to overcome her phobia as she sets out to rescue him but ultimately Clyde tricks Odd Bob and puts him into an impenetrable box. Another Great episode.


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played

[Dungeon Chronicles HD – iPAD] – A pretty good tower defence/RPG hybrid with an annoying Sean Connery impersonator.  Not as addictive as Fieldrunners.


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