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Multimedia Week Ending 5/15/2011

This week I mostly been listening to…..Porcupine Tree, Tool, Ozric Tentacles, Karnivool, Riverside, Cloud Cult


[XM Weekly Music Episode 50: XMU] – We embark on our musical journey this week with a song from The Small Cities EP. Next is the latest release from the L.A. based indie-pop trio, Princeton. We’ll hear the first two tracks on their Bloomsbury EP. The Shys Edge is next with two songs from their sophomore release entitled, “You’ll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do.” Last up this week is a song from what some may feel is the American version of Jens Lekman. A Big Yes and a Small No, is the name of the band and we’ll hear track 6 from their release, Jesus That Looks Terrible On You. Nothing of any real note on this podcast. 

[XM Weekly Music Episode 51: XMU] – First up this week is a CD that was recorded in a remote cabin in Alaska. The band is Alaska In Winter. Next Up is Pop Levi from the Never Never Love EP which was recorded in Quincy Jones’s old studio where Thriller & Off The Wall were recorded.

Mrandmrsmays is a married couple that “freaks out on stage.” They’re up next with two songs from their self-titled release. Last in line this week is Autolux featuring Eugene Goreshter, the same Eugene that performed on the Beastie Boys song “Eugene’s Lament” from their album, Ill Communication. Nothing of any real note on this podcast. 

[XM Weekly Music Episode 52: XMU] -We start this episode with an interview featuring The Toadies at Lollapalooza 2008 and the single from their new release. Next up are two songs on the new album from The Sways. Sebastien Tellier is on deck with a few songs from his new release, Sexuality. Colourmusic is featured next with a song from their latest release, which has the weirdest album title ever – F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13 (and yes that’s the title of the record). Last up this week is a jam from the latest release from Azeda Booth. I enjoyed the Toadies track (very heavy for this podcast).I enjoyed the Sways tracks too. Actually most the stuff on this podcast rocked. 

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 18: Mewes Can Call Me Al] – Pretty funny apart from the crappy game show thing which is utterly pointless on an audio podcast. 

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #194: 2011-04-27] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss ACTION COMICS #900 by DC, MIGHTY THOR #1 by Marvel and PLANET OF THE APES #1 by BOOM STUDIOS. 

[Weekly Comics Spotlight #193: 2011-04-20] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss ZATANNA #12 by DC, HULK #32 by Marvel and DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1 by DARK HORSE. 

[FriComedy: 08 Jan 2010] – Campaigning, Coups and the Cold: Sandi Toksvig leads the teams in the week that a Labour revolution got left in the cold, Iceland gave the UK the cold shoulder and marriage gave Cameron cold feet. Jeremy Hardy, Fred Macaulay, Will Smith and Danielle Ward. 


[Kung Fu Season 1 – Episode 3 – “Blood Brother” – DVD] – Caine’s search for a fellow priest brings him to a small town where the man was killed by the bigoted populace. 

[Kung Fu Season 1 – Episode 2 – “Dark Angel” – DVD] – Caine helps Serendipity Johnson, a poor preacher whose has been blinded by the Indians, to learn to use his other senses to their fullest. 

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 1 – DVD] – 24th April 2009 – Reggie is feeling increasingly frustrated and alienated as he realises that he has worked at Groomtech for 10 years. Reggie’s boss, Chris Jackson, introduces him to the beautiful Jasmine Strauss, the new head of balms and lubricants. His wife, Nicola, is too busy for him, so Reggie becomes a little besotted with Jasmine and even has a peek in her office.

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 2 – DVD] – 1st May 2009 – Reggie’s frustration rises further as his hopes for some quality time with Nicola are thwarted. Nicola’s dad turns up for breakfast and Reggie’s mother turns up unannounced just when Reggie was hoping for a rare romantic evening at home with Nicola. Reggie also finds himself unable to get along with his work colleagues and takes a step too far with Jasmine, Groomtech’s new head of balms and lubricants. 

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 3 – DVD] – 8th May 2009 – Reggie ponders his life and considers teaching as a possible new career. Reggie enjoys giving a talk at Nicola’s school so much that he invites the class to spend a day at Groomtech, although the trip doesn’t quite turn out as planned. 

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 4 – DVD] – 15th May 2009 – Reggie becomes increasingly frustrated with his life. Nicola, seems to prefer spending time with anyone but him. When Reggie goes to Helsinki on a business trip with the beautiful Jasmine, Reggie’s marriage to Nicola faces its biggest test. And Reggie’s overbearing boss, Chris, has his eye on him. 

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 5 – DVD] – 22nd May 2009 – Sick of commuting to work, Reggie takes up cycling – with painful results.Overbearing boss Chris is desperate to convince the Groomtech board he is the right man for the job and asks Reggie for help. When Chris invites himself to Reggie’s home to work one weekend, it drives a wedge between Reggie and his wife. It also drives Reggie to the brink… 

[Reggie Perrin Series 1 Episode 6 – DVD] – 29th May 2009 – Reggie’s colleagues start to worry about his stress levels and his crisis comes to a head when everything goes wrong for him at once. Reggie’s colleagues start to worry about his stress levels. His wife Nicola, however, hasn’t noticed and boss Chris decides to give Reggie just twenty four hours to prepare a conference speech. Reggie’s crisis comes to a head when he finds Jasmine and Chris in a clinch at Groomtech’s office party and returns home to find his mother and his father-in-law have had a clinch of their own. Can world-weary Reggie take any more? It ends on a beach. 

[MI-5 – Season 1, Episode 1 – DVD] – 13 May 2002 – Twenty high-explosive devices are smuggled into England. When the first goes off killing a doctor and severely injuring her young daughter, the team scrambles to track down an American anti-abortion activist who snuck into the country – and may be planning a huge commemoration of her husband’s execution back home in just a few days. Things are complicated by CIA insistence that the woman, if found, be extradited back to Florida, where she too will face the death penalty.

[MI-5 – Season 1, Episode 2 – DVD] – 20 May 2002 – Racial tensions in Britain continue to rise and the team pieces together an organized attempt to stir up problems for political gain. Tom and Helen go undercover to get close to the well-protected head of the conspirators. But as time runs short, personal loyalties will leave one team member dead. 


[Fieldrunners – iPAD] – The best iPAD game I have ever played 

[Age of Empires III] – Not a very good RTS that was a great disappointment to me.


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