Posted by: britcpower | June 12, 2011

Multimedia Week Ending 6/12/2011


This Week I mostly Been Listening to……Marillion


[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 9 – Obree] – This week we are delighted to be joined by cycling legend and all-round nice guy Graeme Obree.  Graeme was very generous with his time and indulged three fans who just wanted to sit down with their hero and talk bikes – he even made us tea & gave us Jaffa. Excellent Podcast.


[Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 8 “Sun and Cloud Shadow” – DVD] – 22 Feb 73 – Caine attempts to negotiate a truce between a small Chinese mining community and a powerful rancher who claims to own the mine.

[Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 9 “Chains” – DVD] – 8 Mar 73 – Caine teaches a vengeful man whom he has become shackled to how to control ones hatred.

[Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 10 “Alethea” – DVD] – 15 Mar 73 – On trial for a murder he didn’t commit, Caine is confronted by a young girl (Jodie Foster) who insists she saw him shoot the deceased.

[Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 11_”The Praying Mantis Kills” – DVD] – 22 Mar 73 – A young boy who is defending a jail against the gunmen who killed his sheriff father inspires courage in a coward.

[Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 12 “Superstition” – DVD] – 5-APR-73 – Caine is captured and forced to become a miner at a silver mine being run by slave labor, where he becomes trapped with other miners by a cave in.

[Mighty Boosh – Series 1 – Episode 7 – “Electro” – DVD] – 29 June 2004 – Vince joins an electro band called Kraftwork Orange, but after irritating keyboard player Johnny Two-Hats leaves the band, he calls on Howard to overcome the Spirit of Jazz and help him out. Guest starring Sue Denim and Dee Plume of Robots in Disguise.

[Mighty Boosh – Series 1 – Episode 8 – “Hitcher” – DVD] – 6 July 2004 – After a bear called Ivan goes wild and attacks Bob Fossil, Howard and Vince take him to The Zoo for Animal Offenders. On the way, they get lost and encounter a mysterious hitch hiker (the hitcher). My favorite episode of series 1.


[Dungeon Chronicles HD – iPAD] – A pretty good tower defence/RPG hybrid with an annoying Sean Connery impersonator.  Not as addictive as Fieldrunners.


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