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Multimedia Week Ending 8/7/2011

This week I mostly Been Listening to……..Riverside, Cloud Cult, Genesis, Anethema, Tool, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd


[The Roy Harper Podcast, episode 33] – Welcome to the 33rd Roy Harper podcast. This episode we have news, an archive interview with Roy, and plenty of music including tracks from the ITV Legends DVD

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 21: Baby, It’s Mewes] – It’s not the way Mewes smiles that touched my heart. It’s not the way Mewes kissed that tears me apart.

[Hollywood Babble-On 27] – Kevin’s away again, but Ralph babbles on with his old roommate, Adam Carolla. Not as funny as usual.

[Hollywood Babble-On 28] – Ralph and Kevin reunite and ponder Liam Neeson’s giant hog.

[Hollywood Babble-On 29] – Ralph is joined by comedian Bill Burr. Not as funny as when Kev is there.

[Hollywood Babble-On 30] – To Kevin’s horror, Ralph get sexy and spooky. Kev is Back !!!

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #043: 2011-05] – Bob talks to David Baxter, writer of Marksman (from Benaroya/Image); David Wohl, writer of Executive Assistant Iris (from Aspen) and co-plotter of the Aspen Crossover “The Hit List Agenda”; Tom Hutchinson, writer & creator of Critter (from Big Dog Ink); and Chris Roberson, writer of Elric: The Balance Lost & Stan Lee’s Starborn (from Boom!) iZombie & the Cinderella minis (from Vertigo) and co-writer on Superman (from DC)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #044a: 2011-06] – In the first of two Previews Spotlight Interviews episodes for June 2011, Bob talks to Sam Sarkar, writer of The Vault (from Image); Amber Love talks to Kody Chamberlain, writer/artist of Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Saga (from Image); and Bob talks to Paul Salamoff, writer of the Discord OGN (from AAM Markosia)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #044b: 2011-06] – In the second of two Previews Spotlight Interviews episodes for June 2011, Bob talks to Mark Roslan, writer of Broken Pieces (from Aspen Comics); Bob and Damian Smith talk to Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser creators/writers/artists of The Living Corpse: Exhumed (from Dynamite); and Bob talks to Mark Ellis, writer of The Justice Machine (from Moonstone)

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Previews Spotlight Interviews #045: 2011-07] –  Bob talks to Jay Faerber, writer of Near Death (from Image), Kevin Mellon, artist on the Lovestruck OGN (from Image), Gary Phillips, write of the crime series about money laundering “The Rinse” (from Boom! Studios), and Brendan Deenanm co-President of Ardden Entertainment & writer of Flash Gordon: Vengeance of Ming.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #205: 2011-07-13] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss GREEN LANTERN #67 by DC, ALL WINNERS SQUAD BAND OF HEROES #2 by Marvel and EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ORCHID #1 by ASPEN.

[Comic Book Page Podcast – Weekly Comics Spotlight #206: 2011-07-20] – John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss CINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER #6 by DC, DAREDEVIL #1 by Marvel and MARKSMEN #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

[ECBT2000AD ep55] – With Flint still AWOL Rich is joined by Kehaar of the Dissecting Worlds podcast to discuss progs 1731-33 and midget boobs.

[ECBT2000AD Ep56] – With Flint still M-I-A and Richard getting sick of the sound of his own voice we’ve drafted in Iz from the Megacast and Lizzie Boyle aka Lady Festina from the 2000AD boards to look at progs 1734 & 5.

[Music – The Interface – Manchestra Orchestra] – The grizzled, Atlanta-based rockers turn in a brooding set in our Los Angeles studio. I really enjoyed this session.

[Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 22: Baby I’m A Want Mewes] – Baby I’m a need Mewes.


[Grange Hill Series 1 – Episodes 1 to 4 – DVD] – Very dated but I enjoyed it.

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 1 – DVD] – Reggie decides against his pseudocide, and instead decides the best thing to do would be to quit his job and pursue a more fulfilling career. Meanwhile, Nicola loses her job as a teacher after pulling down a boy’s trousers. Groomtech is in serious trouble without Reggie. 14 October 2010. I enjoyed this season.

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 2 – DVD] – Reggie struggles to find a new career, and tries running a stalls at the farmers market selling home made bread, however with finances tight, Reggie is forced to return to Groomtech. 21 October 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 3 – DVD] – Determining “not to lose touch with reality”, Reggie makes sweeping changes, banning ties and introducing the wearing of slippers, a tea-lady and a bouncy castle to bounce ideas around in. He also gives strangers lifts in his company car. When the boss expresses disapproval Reggie changes the firm’s name to Grot and announces that it will make only useless things. Nicola, now sacked, is bored at home, spending her time mending basket chairs, whilst her father tells Reggie he has cold feet about marrying his mother. 28 October 201

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 4 – DVD] – The staff express doubts as to the viability of Reggie selling his ‘Grot’ products-and indeed as to his sanity-but the goods fly off the shelves. The Groomtech chairman, hugely impressed, gives Reggie his next assignment: to cut half the staff. Nicola, feeling neglected as Reggie embraces his work with great enthusiasm, initially turns down David after he makes a pass at her at the swimming baths but still ends up ringing him. William, desperate to avoid matrimony, tries a feeble ploy to persuade Marion that he is gay, though it fails to work 4 November 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 5 – DVD] – The success of the new product range leaves Reggie with a difficult decision, which could result in redundancy for some of his colleagues. Meanwhile, his efforts to reconcile with Nicola lead to a shocking discovery that threatens to change everything. 11 November 2010

[Reggie Perrin Series 2 – Episode 6 – DVD] – Nicola’s affair with David is now out in the open and the Perrins clash at their parents wedding. Reggie needs to come up with a plan to stop the chairman of Groomtech from selling the company. Reggie begins to wonder if he should just disappear once again. 18 November 2010

[RED – DVD] – When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants. I really enjoyed this movie.

[The New Avengers  Series 1 Episode 4 – The Last of the Cybernauts….? – DVD] –  5th November 1976 – The Avengers set out to ambush double agent Felix Kane but the ensuing car chase results in Kane crashing and being engulfed by a huge explosion. Unbeknownst to Steed, however, Kane survives and spends a year secretly recovering. He then kidnaps Goff, an engineer who had helped develop a series of cybernauts a decade previously. For Kane is hellbent on revenge and intends to use the robots as killers.  This was a good episode.

[The New Avengers  Series 1 – Episode 5 – “To Catch a Rat” – DVD] – 3rd December 1976 – In 1960 British agent Irwin Gunner almost succeeded in eliminating a double agent known only as ‘White Rat’. However the Rat managed to keep his identity secret and escape. He, in turn, arranged to have Gunner killed but the staged accident simply left Gunner with amnesia. Seventeen years later a bump on the head restores Gunner’s memory and he continues his search for the White Rat. Gunner contacts Steed at headquarters using an obsolete code but the White Rat also receives the transmission. The Avengers must find Gunner and identify White Rat before the double agent gets to Gunner first.

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