Posted by: britcpower | August 21, 2011

Multimedia Week Ending 8/21/2011


Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pallas, Thin Lizzy, Pet Shop Boys, Tool, Roy Harper, Pallas


[Comic Book Page Podcast – Mayo Report: 2011-06 Trades] – John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for June 2011.

[Velo Club Don Logan – Episode 18 – Outside the Box] – In this episode we discuss the collapse of the HTC Highroad team.  We also talk about Thor Hushovd’s move to BMC and the fallout between Thor and Jonathan Vaughters.  We also bring you news of the Olympic Road Race test event held in London. After a brief hiatus, we bring back our mountain biking segment, bringing the season up to date and discussing the Olympic test event at Hadleigh Farm.  Footage of both the men’s and women’s events can be found at We announce the winner of our Facebook competition and generally struggle with pronunciation, memory and facts!

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 4 – “White Hole” – DVD] – 7 March 1991 – Holly has her intelligence briefly restored to an I.Q. of 12,368, but a side effect of this is that her run-time is reduced to minutes. Holly promptly switches herself off, leaving Red Dwarf with no lighting or manoeuvring capability. It’s back to basics for the crew and they must resort to their own resourcefulness to survive.

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 5 – “Dimension Jump” – DVD] – 14 March 1991 The crew meet a parallel dimension version of Rimmer. Arnold “Ace” Rimmer is a dashing daredevil test pilot for the space corps, and he has been assigned to test-pilot a ship that can travel through dimensions, so he can meet different versions of himself. He enters our dimension to meet our Rimmer, the weaselly cowardly version, who has gone on a fishing holiday with the rest of the crew.

[Red Dwarf Series 4 – Episode 6 – “Meltdown” – DVD] – 21 March 1991 – Kryten uses a prototype “matter paddle” to teleport the crew to a nearby planet with an S3 (or Earth-like) atmosphere. They discover the planet has been visited by humans years previously, who populated the planet with “wax droids” – animated wax works of famous characters from Earth’s history including Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Gandhi, Winnie the Pooh, Mother Teresa and Elvis Presley.

[Death At A Funeral – DVD] – A pretty funny dark comedy.

[Legends of Rock  – Roy Harper] – This is an excellent intimate Roy Harper with great sound and picture quality. Even though Roy is over 70 he still can crack out a great tune. He certainly doesn’t seem to be as sharp or coherent in the between song chatting but this is still a must buy for Roy fans.


[Besiegement – IPAD/ Iphone] – My new latest favorite tower defense game. Not as polished as fieldrunners but just as addictive. Fiendishly difficult on higher levels. Excellent !!!!

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